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It all started 40 years ago...

After Lenore Shebuski underwent a mastectomy following a breast cancer diagnosis in 1980, she struggled to find the post-mastectomy products she needed.   Unhappy with the prospect of being fit for a breast prosthesis and bras at a medical equipment supply store that carries everything from canes to commodes, she decided to open Front Room Underfashions, a women's boutique specializing in all things a woman needs before and after surgery.  Fifteen years later, Crystal Bliese, an employee of Front Room Underfashions, took ownership of the store when Lenore retired.  Crystal recognized the significance in keeping the store open for the women of the Lansing area.  Front Room Underfashions continues to expand the business offerings while still valuing the principles that Lenore began with, ensuring that women have a private, intimate setting to ask questions, see products and options, and ultimately to feel comfortable and valued.

From its inception, Front Room Underfashions has been the leading boutique for providing mastectomy products.  The store is accredited through the American Board for Certification in Prosthetics and Orthotics (ABC), which holds them to the highest standards in the industry.  Fitters are also certified and accredited through ABC and the Board of Certification and Accreditation.

Upon receiving a breast cancer diagnosis, women have many questions about surgery and what is to follow.  A woman can come in prior to surgery to meet with a certified fitter and be shown different forms and bras, and to ask questions about options for after surgery.  One product that is beneficial to many patients after mastectomy is a post-surgical camisole that contains pouches to hold drain tubes, making daily life much easier until the tubes are removed.  Most women feel comfortable four to six weeks after surgery to come in for their first fitting.  Front Room Underfashions is pleased to have a large array of mastectomy bras and prostheses in stock so that women can leave with their merchandise on the day of their visit, helping to quickly restore self-confidence.

One attribute that sets Front Room Underfashions apart from others is the ability to fit women of all sizes.  The styles and sizes of non-mastectomy bras are diverse, and the professional fitters are determined to find the right bra for each woman.  With sewing machines on site, the staff is  able to modify bras if necessary to perfect the fit, and will perform this service anytime within a year of the bras purchase. Even nursing mothers can find a stylish and great fitting bra, no matter the size.  Bras range in band size from 32-56 and cup sizes from AA-N.  These sizes and professional fittings make Front Room Underfashions Lansing's best kept secret.

The store also carries a full line of synthetic wigs and wig maintenance products.  With a licensed cosmetologist on staff, women can come to the store to try on wigs in varying colors, cuts, and styles to determine what works and looks best on them.  Women are encouraged to bring friends or family members to share in the experience and to provide support and advice.  Front Room Underfashions also carries sleep caps, hats, and scarves.

Swimwear is always in stock in the store, and is on sale several times throughout the year.  Styles include mastectomy and non-mastectomy in sizes 6-32, both conservative and trendy.

Front Room Underfashions truly is a specialty boutique for women.  From compression garments, specialty skin care lines, baby items, unique jewelry, and countless gift items, Front Room Underfashions is your go to gift boutique.

This family business is owned and operated by two generations of the Bliese family. Crystal Bliese and Heather Tynes are privileged to continue serving the women of the Lansing area, as Front Room Underfashions has done for nearly forty years. They are proud to be a business owned by women, dedicated to helping women.

Image Credit: Capital Area Women's Lifestyle Magazine


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Front Room Underfashions helps women look and feel their best with our blend of custom bras, swimwear, and wigs. Here are some of the items we carry. Visit our store today or schedule a fitting with a certified mastectomy fitter and find the fit you've been looking for.

Fantasie Poinsettia
EL Matilda Small
Sports bra for woman with mastectomy
Goddess Bustier
EL Morgan Bra & Panties
FFY B1012
Triumph My Flower Minimizer
Elomi Cate

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