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The Perfect Bra

If you've had a mastectomy, lumpectomy, or breast surgery you may be concerned that no bra will ever fit right again.

Or maybe you're concerned that the size difference between each breast is insurmountable.

Whatever it is, we understand.

We've worked with thousands of women who have shared their fears, concerns, and lives with us as they struggle to find the right fit for them.

And it's why we offer custom bra modifications.

We can work with every woman, whatever shape she - or her breasts - may be. Because every woman deserves to feel comfortable, confident, and supported.

So, don't worry. Come in today or schedule an appointment with a Certified Bra Fitter. We'll sit down and listen to your story. Then, we'll work with you to find something you love.

So, come on in today. Your perfect #FrontRoomFit awaits.

7 Signs Your Bra Doesn't Fit Right

How do you know if your bra isn't fitting right? These five signs are a dead give away:

  1. Your shoulder straps slide off or dig in
  2. Your breast doesn't fill the whole cup
  3. Your breast overflows beyond the cup
  4. Your band rides up your back
  5. Your band feels tight
  6. You have poor posture & back issues
  7. Your shoulders slope

If you're experiencing any of these, please schedule a complimentary fitting today with one of our Certified Fitters. Your body will thank you for it.


Tina Nelson
Tina Nelson
21:54 21 Feb 20
They r very friendly and helpful and really good at what they do
Janine Lake
Janine Lake
17:17 18 Feb 20
The ladies here are so friendly and always have a smile for everyone.
Gretchen Milliman
Gretchen Milliman
23:01 15 Nov 19
Ladies were awesome and very friendly. Explained everything and took time fitting me to get the right bra.
Debra Losen Lewis
Debra Losen Lewis
15:31 23 Oct 19
They make you feel beautiful again.
Linda Philo
Linda Philo
01:06 01 Jun 19
I was so impressed with this shop. Crystal was so knowledgeable and helped me find the perfect fit. She is also an... amazing person, generous,kind and compassionate. I highly recommend this more
Erin Kofflin
Erin Kofflin
01:51 04 May 19
Words cannot describe the excellent customer service I received at Front Room Underfashions! Heather was able to... accurately assess the sizes and styles that best fit my body type and cup size. The store offered so many more options and styles than I've ever heen afforded at Victoria's Secret or a department store. I thought the prices were reasonable...and I left with bras that are so flattering under my favorite top! A perfect fit makes all the difference! I was also completely distracted by the cute boutique goodies and came home with a few awesome bracelets and the world's most comfortable pjs. This business and its staff are certainly a diamond in the rough!read more
Paul Johns
Paul Johns
21:43 11 Apr 19
Bought a bra for my loved one. Very helpful staff , quick service , personalized fitting, easy in and out. Also noticed... a large wig more
Abigail Worthington
Abigail Worthington
22:12 12 Feb 19
Wonderful local business! I desperately needed to be fitted properly. After having gone to a few other stores in the... area with little to no success, Front Room was recommended to me. I am so happy I stopped in! Thanks to their help, I found a bra that fits my unusual cup size and is COMFORTABLE! It's a tiny little miracle that makes such a huge difference in day-to-day life! Thank you!read more
Marilyn Antes
Marilyn Antes
19:04 07 Feb 19
I'm a breast cancer patient and I bought my wig here. Everyone was so friendly and very helpful! I would recommend 100%
Katie W
Katie W
15:34 22 Aug 18
Very knowledgeable staff and they carry or can order just about any size in a variety of styles. They specialize in... medical needs such as mastectomy bras. Shipping available, and repairs. They saved me when I needed a hard to find size sports bra immediately after a ductal excision! Amazing more
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Your Fit. Every time.

Front Room Underfashions helps women look and feel their best with our blend of custom bras, swimwear, and wigs. Here are some of the items we carry. Visit our store today or schedule a fitting with a certified mastectomy fitter and find the fit you've been looking for.

Fantasie Poinsettia
EL Matilda Small
Sports bra for woman with mastectomy
Goddess Bustier
EL Morgan Bra & Panties
FFY B1012
Triumph My Flower Minimizer
Elomi Cate

Frequently Asked Questions

Typically, mastectomy surgery comes about very quickly, leaving the patient with many anxieties. After many years of fitting for a mastectomy or lumpectomy, it has been our experience that the following questions could be of concern to a woman facing breast cancer.

Your doctor will be able to tell you when you are ready. Six weeks is a good “rule of thumb” because you want to be completely healed and the swelling to be minimal. We suggest a preview visit before your surgery. You can become acquainted with the prosthetics and you can talk to the women who work at Front Room Underfashions, who will reassure you that you are not alone.

Front Room Underfashions carries many types and brands of prosthetics. The prostheses are custom fitted, proportioned and perfectly balanced to match your natural breast. Our experienced fitters will assist you in choosing the right form for you.

Front Room Underfashions has a complete inventory. We think it is important for you to leave our shop wearing your new form and feeling confident. The fitting takes about an hour.

The purchase of a prosthesis and bra is very often covered by insurance. It is always best to check with your carrier to find out what coverage you have. It is no longer considered to be a cosmetic item.

Most insurance plans do cover a prosthesis, though a prescription from your doctor is REQUIRED. Ask your doctor to include in the prescription: silicone breast prosthesis, mastectomy surgical bras, which side your surgery was on, and diagnosis of breast cancer.

No, at Front Room Underfashions we like to fit you with fashion bras like those you are accustomed to wearing. It has been our experience that you will feel better wearing bras like the ones you have worn in the past. Any bra that fits well can be modified to be worn with a prosthesis.

Yes, all of our swimwear can be altered to be worn with a prosthesis. Our swimwear is designed to make you look fashionable and feel comfortable.

Yes, you can wear your breast form in a hot tub, swimming pool and ocean. Most breast forms are designed to withstand the same temperatures as your body. We do recommend that you gently wash and dry your breast form after these activities.

You will be amazed at how life-like the prosthesis feels. The shape and softness are very much like real breast tissue. You will be able to hug back with confidence.

Yes, your privacy is a very important consideration at Front Room Underfashions. We encourage you to bring a friend or spouse along when you come to be fitted if that would make you more comfortable.

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