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You know the fit you're looking for. And we know bras. Which ones have cups that run big or bands that run small. Come in for a free fitting and we'll help you find the perfect #FrontRoomFit.

Your bra should fit well and feel good. Unfortunately for so many women, it can be hard to find something that offers support and feels great.

We invite you to come in and meet our Certified Fitter who will work with you to find the right fit, no matter your size.

Bra Fitting Guide

Every woman's body is different. Your bra should reflect that.

Every woman's body is different, so why would you settle for a 'standardized' bra? One made for the masses?

Your bra should offer support and comfort, regardless of your shape or size. When assessing the quality of your fit, you should consider:

The band should be straight & level

Your straps should stay in place without digging or slipping

Your breasts should fill the cups without spilling out

The underwire should surround each breast without pinching

The center gore should lay flat against your chest

If you've been settling for mass-produced, uncomfortable bras for too long, we encourage you to come in for a free custom fitting with our certified mastectomy fitters to find the fit you've been missing!

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Front Room Underfashions Certified Mastectomy Fitters

Schedule Your Fitting

Bra not fitting like it should? Schedule a complimentary appointment with one of our Certified Bra Fitters and we'll help you find the perfect bra for you. 


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