5 Signs Your Bra Does Not Fit Right

Even when we have carefully gone through several past fittings to get the right size of bra, there will always be the factor of time and age which can mean changes in your body. When that happens, you may notice some signs of gradual differences of how it feels when you wear your bra. Before you end up with serious skin rashes, breast pain, and back pain, it is best to check occasionally for bra comfort and fit. If you are having any of these 5 signs that your bra is no longer fitting you right, then it is time to consider getting a set of bras that are better for you. 

Loose Band, Tight Band

Several women will tell you just how important band support really is. If it is too loose you will find that there is not enough support and will cause your bra to ride up on your back. Not only is this uncomfortable but it will also lead to back pain. Doing a simple tug of the band can give you an idea of its tightness. If you are able to effortlessly pull it from your skin, then it might be too loose. However, loose bands are not always a sign of incorrect bra fit if you have been using a bra for too long. Carefully check if the band itself has lost its elasticity and maybe you simply need to replace it with a new bra with the same size. Remember, the band should have a snug fit but not suffocating. 

Straps Digging on Shoulders

Especially for women who start to increase in mass for their breasts, straps can start to dig in on your shoulder when the whole bra is pulled down by the increased weight in breasts. Whether it is from breast augmentation or even from milk production for pregnant women, weight increase in breast tissue can lead to this. If you notice that after removing your bra, deep marks are present on your skin then this is not normal. They should not be digging in on your shoulders. A quick fix may be done with adjusting the straps but if you still observe a tightness then this is a definite sign for a new fit. 

Cup Size Consideration

In addition to the above cases of women who are expecting as well as post-breast augmentation surgery, bra cup discomfort might also be another sign of ill-fitting bra. Perhaps some breast tissue might be sticking out, or you feel that the bra cup is pushing up too much like a corset, then a cup size larger is necessary. For women who are experiencing menopause, you may also feel there is too much space in the bra cups and the bra shifts uncomfortably when doing movements involving your upper torso, then the bra is no longer doing a good job on securing your breasts without constricting. Get a better fit to help with your breast support which is important for your back health. We do have to clarify that breast sagging or breast ptosis is natural and wearing of bras do not necessarily impact the increase or decrease of the sagging. 

Breast and Nipple Pain

The above signs are more focused on the bra itself, but this factor is more directed to how you feel in general when wearing the bra. Your breasts should not be experiencing pain from wearing the bra even after a few hours. If you have a poorly-fitted bra then the constriction will be too much for your breast and even if your nipple will suffer from the constant rubbing on the bra. You can even get skin chafing from the friction and tightness of your bra. Although this is something that could happen with a good fitting bra if you really go too long without removing at all. A good limit would be around 12 hours of wearing. Being aware of how you’re feeling will help set that right amount of time for wearing bras. 

Back and Neck Pain

If you are one of those who have heavier sets of breasts while having a small frame, you might experience some back and neck pain. In movies they make it a joke that larger-breasted women feel pain on their backs and necks but this is a reality for a lot of women. The bra should have the right support so that the weight of the breasts is distributed throughout your torso and not just bearing down all the weight forward. Loose bras can cause these pains because there is not much support and can transfer the weight to your shoulders. 

Every woman’s body is unique and prone to change. Though there are key stages in a woman’s life where these changes are more pronounced (e.g. puberty, pregnancy, menopause), fitting the right bra can do wonders for your comfort and health. And because these changes do not instantly happen, regular bra fit checks are important for early detection of these changes to anticipate the purchase of a new bra especially for those who require a custom fit. 

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