Accessories and Style Guide for Women with Clean-Shaven Heads

Being a woman, there’s a lot of societal expectation to have hair on the head. Beauty standards in popular media proudly exclaim the connection of femininity and having a full head of hair. Thankfully today, a clean shaven head is now considered to be a fashionable choice! Actually, even back in ancient Egypt, it was already popular for both men and women to have clean shaven heads. 

But if you’re thinking you want to add more life and creativity to your overall look, then we’re here to help you learn about styling and accessorizing for women with shaved heads. 

The Power of Personal Style

Personal style is a profound mode of self-expression. It reflects our personality, our mood, and our aspirations. For women with clean-shaven heads, this expression becomes a canvas of boldness and resilience. A bald head does not detract from your femininity; instead, it offers a distinctive, elegant canvas to showcase your individuality. 

With the right combination of stylish items, you can stand out beautifully and be proud of your unique attractiveness.

Choosing the Right Accessories


Jewelry plays a pivotal role in framing your face and enhancing your features.

  • Earrings: Large, bold earrings can be particularly striking, drawing attention to your face. Choose designs that complement your facial structure—long drop earrings for heart-shaped faces or large hoops for round faces (and can be interchanged depending on your goal)
  • Necklaces: A choker can accentuate the neck, adding an element of grace. Longer chains with striking pendants can help elongate the look, which is especially flattering.
  • Bracelets and Rings: With fewer distractions at the neckline, bracelets and rings offer a chance to make a statement. Stack bracelets for a bohemian look or choose elegant bands to keep it classy.

Gentle reminder:

When used and accessorized properly, jewelry can make or break your style. That’s why it’s also equally important to avoid these mistakes some first timers make:

    1. Overcrowding - Sometimes it can be tempting to wear large and bold jewelry pieces but doing several of them all at once can overwhelm your face and neck. Choose one focal point, such as statement earrings or a single striking necklace, and choose other subtle jewelry to avoid a cluttered look.
    2. Unflattering Earring Shapes - If your goal is to be eccentric, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with doing this. But if you’re going for a stylish look, avoid earrings that do not help with emphasizing the good features of your face. For example, if you have a very round face and you want to emphasize length then choose long dropping earrings.
    3. Mixing Too Many Metals: Mixing metals can be done stylishly, but it requires a careful balance. If you’re unsure, it’s safer to stick with one metal type (like all gold or all silver) to maintain a cohesive look. Over-mixing different colors and types of metals can sometimes look haphazard rather than intentional.
    4. Careless with Necklace Lengths: While long necklaces can elongate the torso, they aren’t suitable for every outfit or body type. Similarly, chokers can be striking but might feel constricting or look out of place on certain neck sizes or when paired with certain necklines. Make sure the length complements both your body type and your outfit.
    5. Ignore Comfort: Jewelry should not only look good but also feel comfortable. Avoid earrings that are too heavy as they can stretch the earlobes or become uncomfortable to wear over time. Similarly, overly tight bracelets or rings can restrict movement and cause discomfort.
    6. Overly Trendy Pieces for Timeless Events: If you're dressing for a formal event or a situation where you want your look to remain timeless in photos (like at a wedding or official function), opting for classic and understated pieces may be more appropriate than very bold or trendy jewelry.

Makeup Tips for Highlighting Features and Protecting the Skin

Makeup can play a transformative role in accentuating your best features and protecting your scalp.

  • Facial Makeup: Focus on your eyes with bold liners and voluminous mascaras to make them stand out. For lips, choose vibrant colors that contrast nicely with your skin tone to add warmth to your face. If your eyebrows have thinned, consider eyebrow pencils or gels to fill them in softly, enhancing their natural shape.
  • Scalp Makeup: For those comfortable with the idea, using a tinted sunscreen on the scalp can not only protect against UV rays but also even out the skin tone. Look for products with a matte finish to prevent shine.

Confidence is Your Best Accessory

Confidence is the most beautiful accessory you can wear. Embracing your baldness can be a powerful statement of acceptance and strength. Remember, beauty emanates from how you feel about yourself and how you project yourself to the world. When you have that confidence, it will start to reflect on your face (a more relaxed, cheerful look), the way you move, and your overall aura.

Additional FAQs

Q: What specific products are good for sensitive skin, especially post-chemotherapy?

Look for non-comedogenic, fragrance-free products designed for sensitive skin. Brands like Cetaphil, Aveeno, and Neutrogena offer gentle cleansers and moisturizers that can be beneficial.

Q: What are some emotional coping strategies for dealing with hair loss?

Engage with support groups or online communities who understand your experience. Techniques such as mindfulness and speaking with a therapist can also be supportive.

Read more: How to Cope with Hair Loss from Chemotherapy

Q: How can I handle makeup when I'm not used to wearing much?

Start with simple steps. A tinted moisturizer, a bit of mascara, and a lip gloss can enhance your features without overwhelming them. YouTube tutorials can be great resources for beginners.

Sometimes, You Can Also Wear a Wig!

It is understandable that people like to maintain a clean shaved look for several reasons. For some women it’s even a statement as if to say “I don’t need hair to prove my beauty!” So if the goal is not to have that natural hair look, having fun with wigs that have “against the norm” colors would be a great place to start! Why not wear a bright red wig?  Hot pink wig? Green wig? Anything is possible if you know how to pull it off through the right accessories, clothing, and confidence. 

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