Best Bras For Asymmetrical Breasts

Having uneven breasts is way more common than you might think, yet so many brands barely take it into consideration. There are actually a few tricks to try to make your bra fit for your body, but if those don’t work, there are many other styles designed to best suit asymmetry. 

Now, no matter which shape you have, (check out “Bras for Different Breast Shapes”) unevenness can come in the form of: one breast being fuller than the other, one being lower than the other, or one having undergone a lumpectomy. Whatever your situation may be, sometimes it’s a bit more complicated than just going with the bra size that fits the larger breast. 

Inserts for your smaller breast

One of the first tips we recommend trying is to buy a bra in addition to inserts, removing the insert for the larger breast, and keeping it for the smaller breast. These kinds of bras are usually designed to be worn with the inserts anyway, so it will give you a natural, supportive feel. If you’re worried about the insert showing through, get something with sturdy, molded cups.

Some stores will sell padding separately, so all you’ll need is a bra with “pockets” to place it inside. The inserts can either be made from foam or gel, depending on what’s most comfortable for you. 

Remember that if you have a drastic difference in breast shape, we do custom prosthetics! Find out more about the process here. 

Some fabrics work better 

Stretchy material, alongside a full-coverage style, is going to work way better for asymmetrical breasts. Anything with microfiber, stretchy lace, or mesh are some good suggestions to start with, since these fabrics will lie very snuggly against your skin. Usually, all you’ll need to do is adjust the strap on one side and the whole bra will adjust to your chest. 

Alternatively, you can go for a softer look with memory foam bras which will contour to your figure while providing a symmetrical look on the outside. 

Many bra styles can work

The main tips to remember when shopping are to remember to go for stretchy fabric and consider removable inserts. With that knowledge, you’ll be able to mix and match various styles with the support you’ll need. Looking for a cute, lace balconette bra? There are some made with memory foam cups. Looking for a plunging neckline to go with that dress you’ve been looking at? There are plenty with removable padding. 

Luckily, our store has a wide, versatile selection to best fit all aspects of your needs that are uniquely you!

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