Bra Sisters Explained

There is such a wide array of bra sizes that many times, a “sister size” may just work for you! Finding your sister size comprises of knowing your band and cup size and increasing the size of one while the other is reduced. This is extremely helpful to account for the differences between brands and styles. So, if you …

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Common Bra Issues and Solutions

Even after finding your size from precise measurements, bra-fitting is still not exactly down to a science. Many things can change: You may have another breast surgery, you may lose weight or muscle, or gain weight. Sizes also may vary between different brands and materials. All of these factors can affect how your bra fits …

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How to Measure Your Bra Size

Unfortunately, bra sizes can’t be determined by one number; there are three main parts to measure to find the perfect bra. Band size, cup size and bust size are equally important. By finding these numbers, you can determine if those old bras hidden in your drawer simply don’t work for you anymore. Band size For …

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Bras for different breast shapes

As expert bra fitters, we understand that many mainstream retail stores will fit without much consideration for your breast shape and even size.  Whatever your situation may be, we are knowledgeable on the ten breast types and how each of them can be best supported with a custom fit. Even women who haven’t gone through …

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