Bra Selection Guide for Flat-Chested Women

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Some might think that bras are only necessary for those with larger breasts because support is necessary to prevent problems like back pain. However, some experts have agreed that wearing a bra actually prevents the acceleration of breast sag in women even if they have less than the average size in breast tissue. This is especially true if one is heavy on activities that require a lot of movements. In such cases one might wonder, how then to select a bra for a flat chest while still maintaining the functions that are beneficial in bras. 

I know it might be a struggle when going to a shop and only finding large cup bras but don’t despair. There are ways to select the right bra for you. Whether it is for functional reasons or aesthetic purposes, bras for women with flat chest is normal and quite common especially for certain ethnicities. 

Not All Flats Are Equal

It’s easy to just assume that you have a flat chest and proceed with the tightest bra possible. However, having a flat bust is not always 100% flat. It is possible that you just might have a smaller size breast tissue that will still need a certain bra size. In front of a mirror, have a good look at your chest at different angles. Take the measurements using a soft measuring tape. Know the length around your rib cage as well as the length around the fullest part of your breast. This is important when selecting band-size. 

There are in fact women with a fuller size in torso but not necessarily having large breasts. This is why measuring is still important because there are no quick and easy sizes similar to t-shirts. You can have a really small cup size but still require those larger size bands that wrap around comfortably around your top. 

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What To Look For 

Before we begin with the different bra types, let’s go through features and considerations that you want to note for selection. 

Know first what style you want to go for. If you have a particular fashion preference then you will see certain bras go very well with almost any piece of clothing while others are more appropriate for particular uses like sports bras or demi cups. 

We may have repeated this several times but comfort is indeed queen in considering bra features. Make sure you know which areas you want to emphasize comfort in. Some women can tolerate bra straps that are thin, while others prefer wider straps. Some women are fine with generally most fabric while others avoid synthetic fabrics that make them sweat more. 

Bra Types to Choose From

So now we begin with the enumeration of bra types and how each of them fit and look. 

Bralettes are the easy choice for most women with flat chest.. Not only is this bra adaptable in terms of design, they are familiar to those who started wearing training bras at a young age. Today’s designs may have some sexier touch to it such as laces. Bralettes are first in this list primarily because of their natural shape-conforming feature. Instead of dictating your body shape, it conforms to your natural look. Biggest highlight for this bra type is the lack of wires which is very often the cause of discomfort. So if you prioritize comfort and adaptability, this is definitely a bra you will want in your closet. 

Push-up bras are popular for those who want to enhance their breast size. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to have a certain look. Push-up bras guide your breasts to an upright support with their padded cups. A light lift is all that is required to give you that natural look. Just remember not to opt for something that lifts too much. You will not want to look like you are unnaturally enhancing your chest size. Check the padding if the material looks sustainable for use in the long term and not one that gives up in just a few weeks of use. 

Balconette style or Demi-cup bras are bras that have a typically shallow cup that supports over the lower one third portion of the breast. This design projects a certain look that enhances the cleavage as well as compressing the breast, just enough to have a subtle lift. Compared to average bras, these bras are sexier and more likely to wrap around your breasts more effectively while leaving no gaps that are uncomfortable for your breast. 

Strapless bras are also easier to choose for those with smaller bust sizes. Strapless bras may not have as good a support for larger breast size but that becomes an advantage for those with smaller bust size. They come in plain designs for everyday use. There are also designs with a small lift if you still want to achieve a certain look. 

Your Choice, Your Look

Whatever bra type you might end up with, it is important to feel good about what you are wearing. Don’t give in to what others say about how you should look. Every woman is uniquely beautiful. Prioritize your long-term health objectives over external validation. Comfort of fit is most important. If you find that the big box stores do not have the size that works for you, custom-fitting is still the surefire way to get the right bra for you. Have yourself fitted so that a design that you like will fit you just right. 

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