The goal of wigs is to achieve a natural look and you know you’re making the right choices when people don’t even know you’re wearing a wig. So apart from just choosing the kind of wig (natural hair wig vs synthetic hair wig), you will also need to look into the kind of base that it has. You see, not all wigs actually have a fixed style or strand direction. Depending on which kind of base you have for your wig, you can actually style your hair more. 

Lace Front vs Full Lace

As the names suggest, the lace front wig has a laced base on the front part of the wig as opposed to a full lace wig which has it laced all over the base of the wig. Having that full lace at the base can allow that natural strand direction aesthetic which makes the overall wig more versatile with combing direction and styling. That might make you wonder, why just set a lace at the front instead of covering it full lace if it means sacrificing that design versatility? Well for some people, having multiple styles on a wig can be tedious and having a consistent style is much more convenient. That also comes with another advantage: lace front wigs are MORE AFFORDABLE.

Before you decide on getting a lace front wig you’ll need to be aware of the compromise involving its lower price factor. Lace front wigs are only laced at the front that means any styling that involves parting or tying up the hair should be carefully done. For example, a high ponytail will reveal more of the wig base for lace front wigs and this does not look very natural. If you want that full scalp-looking effect including the back of your head, then a full lace wig would be the better choice.

Wig Ventilation

Now some of you might be thinking of which might be the better choice of wig for breathability on your scalp. When it comes to weight and ventilation, full-lace wigs are the winner. They tend to be lighter than their frontal counterparts and are also designed to have better airflow. This is also why celebrities do prefer this type of wig especially when they don’t have any limitations when it comes to budget.

Deep In the Details

Although we mentioned the placement of laces at the base for each type of wig, there’s really more to it than just a lace base. The laces refer to where each strand of hair is individually sewn onto the wig. Now this is why full lace wigs are more expensive. While front lace wigs only have individual strands looking natural at the front, towards the other parts of the wig, you will have wefts of strands (clumps being sown in groups on to the base). The process of sewing each strand to the lace is a labor-intensive process that really affects the overall price of the wig. The effort however, results in a very natural-looking wig that can be styled in several ways without fear of seemingly obvious wig-wearing. 

Your Style Defines Your Choice

If you have a tendency to work on your wig with several styles, including high ponytails or anything involving the hair parting in many ways, a full lace wig will save you the trouble of having to style and hide the wig base. If you want different styles without the effort to style, perhaps buying several wigs with already fixed designs, can make it easier for you. This is actually a rather common practice for wig-wearers to have several wigs on hand so they can change up their look rather quickly and not be too dependent on one single wig. 

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