Dressing Sexy After a Mastectomy

There is no sugarcoating it, a mastectomy has a significant impact on one’s perceived sexyness . How you view your body will no longer be the same. However, it is important to remember that feeling sexy and attractive following a mastectomy is not impossible. Physical perfection is overrated and is largely unrealistic. The truth about being sexy is beyond impossible standards of beauty. Sexyness can be achieved by every individual and that starts with having a strong sense of confidence about all the things that make you beautiful and sexy. 

Understanding and Embracing Your New Body

The first step is accepting and loving your new body. Now this really does take time and it’s not simply a matter of deciding to love one’s body. Here’s a little exercise for self-image development. Stand in front of a mirror and take a good look at your body. Sometimes when one is not confident with their body, one tends to shy away from mirrors and avoid taking a good look. When you spend some time in the mirror and address yourself properly, you will build familiarity and eventually you will be kinder to yourself.

Aside from just fixing your self-image, it is also an important exercise of understanding what your body shape is and what goes well with it. In fashion there are some objective fundamentals when it comes to dressing up. By learning about your body you’re now on the way to the next step which is selecting clothes that are sexy.

Find the Right Fit 

Post-mastectomy, your body has changed, and so will your clothing needs. It’s important to find the right fit to ensure comfort and enhance your figure. Seek out brands that specialize in post-mastectomy fashion. These brands often have designs that cater to your specific needs while keeping style in mind.

Investing in Quality Lingerie

Lingerie plays an important role in making a woman feel sexy. Fortunately there are options for custom modification of lingerie so that it fits you specifically as well as cater to your design preferences. Lingerie may look sexy but actually goes beyond just giving you that attractive look, they also provide support. Just remember to not give in to lingerie that focuses on looking good rather than feeling good. It has to be comfortable so you don’t regret wearing them. You are doing this for you and not for other people so your comfort has to be priority over the need to impress others.

Experiment with Necklines and Silhouettes

Don’t forget that there are many aspects of your body that are physically beautiful. Exposing that neckline and creating silhouettes can accentuate features that make you feel more confident. V-necks, scoop necks, and off-shoulder tops can be particularly flattering. If you don’t feel right about the asymmetry it is perfectly acceptable to add a breast form to your bra (and post-mastectomy bras have pockets in them to accommodate prosthetics.)

However if you are confident with your asymmetry, it actually is beautiful objectively speaking. Asymmetrical lines can add an interesting and sexy touch to your look. Wrap dresses, empire waistlines, and tailored blazers can define your figure beautifully. Use asymmetry to your advantage and create that unique look. 

Accessorize to Enhance

Outfits can be transformed by using accessories that give them a sexier edge. Bold necklaces that draw attention to your neck and décolletage, scarves and shawls that can be styled in a way that is stylish and comfortable, statement earrings and bracelets can give more attention to your face and hands; all these are accessories that can add elegance and sophistication to your whole outfit.

The Power of Heels

If you are ready and comfortable with wearing a few more inches of vertical, heels have a strong impact in posing your body in a sexy way. Your posture and walking will change with heels. However it is important that heels are not for everyone. You should not be forced to wear them if you don’t like them. Wearing heels requires a certain sense of familiarity and connection to the shoes. If you work well with heels it will truly show.

Sexyness Begins With You!

Apart from wearing the right kind of fashionable ensemble, you have to remember that the clothes are only as good as the one who wears them. Clothes and lingerie, they are tools. They are tools that help you emphasize key aspects of your body that are beautiful. The most beautiful aspect of any person, and you will observe this of anyone you meet who exudes that aura of beauty, is confidence. A dignified confidence can capture the attention of a whole crowd no matter what a person wears. 

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