How to Wear a Wig Like a Pro: Tips for First-Time Wig Wearers

Wig-wearing has been around for several years in history and was even a common hair-accessory as common as hats in some cultures. There’s always this idea that wearing wigs is only for people who do not have hair and wish to look like they have natural hair growing. While this is true in only select cases, wig-wearing is not merely limited to people with hairloss. Even when you have hair, you can actually wear a wig over it! Now before you get all excited about getting a wig for yourself, it would be good to know more about wigs in general so that you know what to look for when purchasing.

Choosing The Right Wig

Wigs come in two major types: natural human hair wig, and synthetic wig. When you go for natural human hair, you will expect it to be more expensive because of how it is sourced and assembled. Synthetic wigs are more affordable. There are synthetic wigs that are expensive but usually they come with special features like heat-resistance or some special style. If you have met women who wear wigs, you will know from their experience that you tend to keep more than one wig so you can opt to have an expensive wig which you use for special occasions and a synthetic wig for more daily wear and even for when you need a wig during high-intensity physical activities. You should know that even synthetic wigs really resemble natural human hair so don’t worry if you’re not necessarily buying the most expensive natural wig out there. 

Consider your natural hair color and hairstyle. If you want the wig to look as natural as possible, find a wig that matches your own hair on your face like your eyebrows. Wigs that are conspicuously different in color from your natural hair will stand out. That’s not always a bad thing because if that is your style, it is not too rare. A lot of wig-wearing women actually experiment with unorthodox hairstyles and color. Speaking of style, having a particular wig style can help complement your face shape. For example, if you have a round face, a wig that has a side part can help it have a more elongated look. 

Wig Care Equipment

Owning a wig is not just about having one. Wigs are delicate hair accessories that need proper care and management so you can make the most out of it in its lifetime. That’s right, wigs are not forever. Thankfully through maintenance and appropriate use of the wig you can make a daily wear wig last several months. 

Stock on some wig conditioner for your wig so that you can give it some treatment during washing. It’s not enough to simply wash with water (especially hard water). You will want to apply the wig conditioner so that it’s easier to brush and tame the stubborn strands. That means you will also need a wig brush. Not all hair brushes are designed for use on wigs so make sure you get a brush that is meant for wigs. Headbands and clips are also helpful when you want to style your wig. Your wig is your piece of art on your head, and like a painting on an easel, your wig needs a wig stand. 

Wig Wearing like a Pro

Comfort is queen when putting on your wig. Putting it too tight and you will experience headaches. You want this to be a naturally pleasant experience. Putting it on too loose and a wardrobe malfunction can happen anytime when you don’t expect it. Even after fitting it on your scalp, you still need some sort of security, a wig gripper spray can help. Simply spray it on your scalp and the inside part of your wig and attach the two. This does not permanently adhere your scalp and wig but it adds some grip that won’t let the wig slide off easily.

If you do have some hair on your head that is getting in the way of keeping the wig properly in place, a wig cap might just help. Secure all your excess hair inside a wig cap, for longer hair you will need some clips and bobby pins to hold them in place. The wig cap creates this uniform surface where the wig can sit on. 

Women Empowerment in Wigs

It is now more common to empower women in embracing all forms of physical states. Whether one has no hair or has a little, some would argue that keeping one’s original style is much better for self-acceptance. However, there is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing a wig to look a certain way. It all boils down to choice. For a woman to be able to choose how she looks is truly empowering. Just make sure when you do wear a wig, you are comfortable and happy with the wig that you chose.

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