When shopping for bras in a retail store, the standard sizes usually follow a certain scale. This means that the bra band size is proportional to the cup size. Breast size varies for different individuals and it is possible that the available sizes you find in undergarment stores do not have the right features you are looking for. In online forums, common discussions among women with smaller bra sizes point out the lack of bras with smaller cups but with larger or wider bands. 

The search for larger band small cup bras is not surprising because the band is what supports most of the weight of your chest. They account for more than half of the support given and are determinant of how well your bra wire will support underneath your breasts. You can think of the bands as the foundation to a good support.

Sexy But Not Comfortable

History of bras shows several examples of bras being designed for making women look more beautiful to the eyes of men without considering comfort as an end goal. In fact, some feminists argue that the bra is an invention of man that seeks to restrict women. Thankfully, towards the 90s we saw a development of bra cup sizes that focused on fitting women well rather than just compressing breasts for fashion.

Today we see most bra designs made by women for women which led to a whole variety of choices that fit every unique shape of breasts possible. 

Sister Sizing SolutionNot All Full Sized Women Are The Same

Because bra band to cup size ratios are usually proportional, there are certain cases where plus sized women will end up having to buy a bra with an oversized cup just to have that rear band that fits properly around their upper body. It does not always follow that having a larger body structure will equate to larger breasts. There are those with smaller breasts but wider torso which calls for a bra with a more generous band size. 

Sister Sizing Solution

If you are opting for ready-to-wear bra sizes, you can try using the sister sizing method. This essentially means choosing one cup size smaller while choosing one band size bigger. The general idea is that a larger cup bra with a smaller sized band will fit the same as a smaller cup bra but with a larger sized band. 

For example, if you are wearing a 55B and this fits you just fine, you can try going for a 60A which has a smaller cup but a larger band size. 

If all else fails, a custom-fit bra that gives you the right band size for the cup size you are comfortable with, can fill those needs. You may use this bra-fitting guide to help you fit the right bra size for your comfort. Getting a custom-made bra will easily give you the best comfort and support that you need without having to compromise with ready-to-wear sizes that are not necessarily your size. 

Reassess Before Purchasing

It is also important to remember that even if wider bands offer better support, it is not always the solution to your fitting issue. If you have any current problem with your existing bras you will want to take a good look at the mirror where the problem lies such as spilling of breast tissue outside the cup, or even wide gaps in between cups. Are the wires digging into your skin? Are you struggling with the hooks and clasps when closing in the bra? Does the bra hold your breasts comfortably while you move around?

When you figure out your needs more, you will be more decisive in selecting your choice of bra and the features that go with them. We will also make modifications to bras within a year of purchase at no charge.  This may include shortening the band, lengthening or shortening the straps, or adding panels to help hold breast tissue in place.

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