After healing from your breast cancer surgery, you’ll want to get back on track with the physical activities you love. Getting your heart pumping is a therapeutic way of living healthily and even reducing the risk of recurring cancer. Though working out can be a great outlet, for many women, their relationship with exercise can change post-surgery. We’re here to get you through the basic steps of feeling comfortable as you adjust back into a routine that works for you! 

Bras for Running 

Once your body feels ready to take on running again, finding a good fitting bra is imperative.  Many post-mastectomy bras have decent support, and are designed to keep breasts in place, prevent chafing, and manage perspiration.  If your post-mastectomy bra isn’t giving you the support you need, we can look at mastectomy sports bras, or even modifying a sports bra by adding a pocket for your breast form.  With the added complication of getting used to your new body, you’ll want a bra that’s designed to keep your focus on the workout rather than your chest.  

To keep you cool, you’ll want a sports bra made with nylon, spandex, or polyester; these fabrics are best at handling moisture- keeping your skin dry and healthy. Mesh panels are great for allowing your skin to breathe but with compression. Compression is an incredibly important aspect of a workout bra because it prevents further scarring and pain- it’s important to find a bra with compression designed for post-surgery. If you’re at the point in your recovery where your doctor says it’s okay to run again, you’ll want to make sure you go about it the safest way possible. 

It will benefit you to look for a sports bra with full cups and a wide side panel to provide more coverage. This will help keep your clothing from irritating the skin around the surgical site. You’ll want to find a band that fits to your chest snugly and that won’t require adjustment while you run. In addition, wide, adjustable straps are key to providing lift to your breast forms.. Racerback bras are often a great option post-mastectomy since they are guaranteed to distribute pressure evenly. Another quality choice are front-closing bras; these are ideal if you want something that isn’t a struggle to put on. 

Finally, you’ll want to look for quality pockets in your bra if you decide on including breast prostheses; not all are created equal! Always try on your bra with your breast prostheses to see if they provide adequate support. Front Room offers bra modifications if you love everything about your bra, but want to improve or include custom pockets. 

Support for swimming

Regardless of if you decide on using prostheses or going flat-chested, swimsuits should also be comfortable and stay put. One-piece bathing suits are more popular among post-mastectomy women since they tend to stay in place much better than bikinis, especially with adjustable straps. Another popular swimwear item is the tankini, which is easy to get on and off and will help you feel confident with more body coverage.  When looking for breast forms for swimming, a non-silicone beaded form works the best in the water.  They are lightweight, and the weather flows through the form so that it does not weigh down the top of your suit.  You can always use your silicone breast form in the pool or hot tub also if you don’t want to use the non-silicone type.  

Our store provides a wide selection of bras and has swimwear year-round for women of all sizes and lifestyles, so come have a look! 

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