Selecting a Bra for Uneven Breasts

We have established from all our previous articles that bras serve the main purpose of support so it also is emphasized that having the right fit is the only way to ensure that function is served. But what about cases where you do not have equal-sized breasts? What are the options available if there is a certain asymmetry when it comes to bust size? Here we will lay out alternatives and best recommendations so that you can make the right choice when selecting bras.

Can’t I Just Use Same-Cup Size Bras?

The short and easy answer is yes. You can. It is not exactly a dangerous move to consider just using what bras are available in the market even if you have breasts with uneven sizes. A lot of women actually do that especially if the size difference is not significant enough to cause any discomfort. Another thing you want to consider is if the symmetrical bra will enhance the visual distinction of the size differences of your breasts. So if you are indeed one of those who are looking for a bra that goes well with your breast, then let us continue on the selection guide.

A Helpful Push

First of the bras to choose from is the push-up bra. It is basically a bra that is used to give your breast tissue a firm support, pushing it up (thus the name) to give a firmer look. These bras usually have a padding and an underwire support but you have to select the ones with removable pads. The purpose for this feature is so you can adjust the level of pushing on the side that is smaller. With the right amount of leveling, that visually symmetrical pair of breasts will nicely hold while wearing the bra. 

Taking an Interest In Insertions

While the push-up bra is a rather sexy option, there are women, especially those who aim for more comfort, who want to steer clear of bras with underwires. Not that underwires are inherently bad, they just are not the most comfortable especially during long periods of use. Because of that, you may opt for bras that are underwire-free but with slip-on pockets that allow you to still add those pads to create that even look. If you have a tendency to sweat around your breast area, choose pads that are made of breathable material so it doesn’t feel like a foreign object is pressing against your breast.

Stretching To Shape

Nowadays, fabric technology is continuously evolving and so we are fortunate to have more options of stretchy fabric that has wonderful elastic properties. While this does not necessarily resolve the visual asymmetry of certain breasts, it still does provide some level of support as the stretching does not necessarily constrict the breast but conforms to its shape. Sports bras are great examples of these bras that comply with your shape while doing a comfortable method of compression which allows movement with support.

Other Features of Consideration

Try to see what current features in your existing bras work for you. Are you using wide-band? Do you have narrower or wider shoulder straps? Then add the need for adjustable straps into those list of features because you will need to make it fit right just for you. Having those adjustable straps will allow you to customize the way the bra hangs over your shoulder as well as position over your chest.

When All Else Fails, Consult a Professional

Suggestions were given above when you are trying to find an easy alternative as well as working with what may be easily within your reach in common department stores or underwear shops. But when you feel you need something that really conforms to your own size, a custom-fit bra is really the best way to go. Factor in as well that you are at a time in your life where breast size changes are not significant (e.g. pregnancy or postpartum breast development). 

Getting that right fit is indeed a worthy investment that guarantees both comfort and support no matter how different in size your two breasts may be. 

Confidence in your own body also helps in feeling good about what you are wearing so we would like to remind you that having asymmetrical breasts is quite normal. One out of four women have some form of breast asymmetry so there is no reason to feel left out when making decisions like bra selection. Most important is to choose comfort and fit over compensation for a perfect symmetrical look. 

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