Bra Christmas Shopping for Breast Cancer Survivors

Christmas is the best time for gift-giving and because of that you might notice a number of seemingly good deals that might get you thinking of buying a new pair of bras. Maybe you want to buy bras for yourself or perhaps for someone you might know who has recently gone through a mastectomy. Whether it is you who has gone through the procedure or you want to be thoughtful for someone, it would be helpful to know what you’re looking for and how to go about with your selection.

What Kind of Bras Do Mastectomy Patients Need?

If you don’t already know about bras for post-mastectomy, the general idea is that you will not be expected to wear standard bras in the market. Initially your doctor will recommend you to wear something that will aid with the recovery process. Most common recommendations would be a post-surgical compression bra. 

These compression bras or mastectomy bras have distinct differences from a standard bra. You will notice wider straps which offer more comfort. Sometimes these pads will even come with paddings to add more cushion to the skin. The underband will also be more conspicuous as it is wider. This is necessary for keeping the bra stable. It is common as well to have mastectomy bras with no underwire but this is not absolute. The cut of the mastectomy bra is a lot more focused on coverage rather than revealing more skin. Most women who are still processing body image and confidence just after the surgery, find comfort in covering up the scars. Some may even find this more comfortable but it is not a necessity, this will now boil down to choice. More important is the comfort and fit rather than actual design. 

Don’t Skip On Design

Especially if you’re gifting the post-mastectomy bra to a friend or someone important, it is often appreciated when you go the extra mile and not just buy the bare minimum. If the individual wearing the bra is a generally active person, we have a post-mastectomy bra guide for active women. Do note that the recommended sports bras are usually advised for the later stages of recovery for mastectomy patients. 

You can also opt for T-shirt mastectomy bras which are great for everyday use. They’re comfortable, trendy, and versatile. Post-mastectomy bralettes are also beautiful choices for someone who wants to rediscover a classical style.

Aside from Bras, What Else Can I Christmas Shop For?

Mastectomy bras are not the only options for your Christmas shopping. Why not look for clothing that matches well with your mastectomy bra? There’s a technique to wearing clothes so that you can have a more inconspicuous look at your chest region. Especially if you don’t want your surgery to be the focus of discussion during the holidays, there’s a clever way to make fashion work for you. 

Go for clothes that are not form-fitting and offer a nice flow to you. Loose blouses with beautiful accents, ruffles, or other accessories, can give you a stylish overall look. It’s important that what you wear should be comfortable throughout the day so you feel good in them. Still wanting to add form when wearing long dresses? Wear a belt around your waist instead of your hip. This kind of perception guide allows emphasis on your beautiful form and adds height to you. Deep contrasts between your top and bottom can also help, preferably a darker color on top and a lighter opposite for your bottom. 

Final Thoughts BEFORE Buying

This one goes for the ones thinking of buying for a mastectomy patient. Although surprising your friends/relatives is a thoughtful gesture, it is more recommended to have an open communication with the recipient. Unlike basic fashion items, mastectomy bras are more custom-fitted and often require a mastectomy fitter, moreso if there is prosthesis involved. If you really do want to have the pleasure of surprise gift-giving this season, opt instead for clothing that matches mastectomy bras as mentioned above. You’re already on the right track with the generous gesture especially since you’re reading this to prepare yourself for a well-researched Christmas shopping experience.

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