Bras for different breast shapes

As expert bra fitters, we understand that many mainstream retail stores will fit without much consideration for your breast shape and even size. 

Whatever your situation may be, we are knowledgeable on the ten breast types and how each of them can be best supported with a custom fit.

Even women who haven’t gone through breast cancer surgery may not be aware that their bras don’t completely support their breast shape. For those women who have had a breast surgery this is even more of an issue.  We are able to fit using prostheses in different shapes to accurately mimic the shape of your remaining breast while supported in a bra.

If you scan through the list below, you’ll find out what kinds of bras are ideal for different types of breasts. 


Tear Drop Shape Breasts

For breasts that are thinner at the top, but are rounded at the bottom are Tear Drop breasts. The best support for this very common breast type would be a bra with underwiring or a slight push-up bra to even out the fullness. 


Slender Shape Breasts

Slender breasts are a bit like Tear Drop breasts, but lack roundness at the bottom. T-shirt bras and balconettes with underwiring and molded cups compliment the slenderness and provide some lift.


Side Set Shape Breasts

This type is similar to East West, except Side Set breasts are often even farther apart and are usually fuller and larger. Bras with demi-cups and a wide neckline will keep everything nicely in place. 


Round Shape Breasts

Rounded breasts do not need unwiring support and are flattering with triangle cups and lightweight bras without extra padding. 


Relaxed Shape Breasts

This type is common in women who have been pregnant or have lost a significant amount of weight. Underwiring and extra padding is the way to go for this one.


East West Shape Breasts

With the East West type, nipples point outward and there is more of a space between each breast than with other types. They are usually less full and smaller than side set. T-shirt bras work best to bring the breasts closer together.


Bell Shape Breasts

Bells are similar to Tear Drops, except the roundness and fullness at the bottom is more pronounced. A bra which covers the whole breast works perfectly with this large breast type.


Athletic Shape Breasts

Wireless triangle bras are usually the best choice for more muscular breasts. Opt for stretchy fabric which lies snug against the skin, since molded cups may create unwanted gaps.


Conical Shape Breasts

These are similar to athletic breasts in that they are usually on the smaller side, but they lack muscle definition and are perky and cone-shaped. Demi cups and push up bras can add more roundness.


Asymmetric Shape Breasts

Stretchy fabric also works with asymmetrical breasts since the bra will cover according to your unique contours. Bra inserts may be used to create an even shape between them. If you have this kind, make sure to judge your size according to the larger one.

As you can see, breasts are way more complex than what today’s stores make them out to be. To find out if your current bras are up-to-par for your individual shape, take our 30 second assessment here:

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