How To Make Your Synthetic Wig Look and Feel Natural

Several people today wear wigs for a variety of reasons. It’s such a common practice that there might be people out there who are wearing wigs and you are not even aware they are doing so! While there are options for natural human hair wigs, these tend to be costly. The most common choice in the market is to go for synthetic wigs. 

Most people think synthetic wigs are visually true to their name: synthetic. If you might be wondering about it, let’s make it clear right now: synthetic wigs can look as natural as human hair wigs. We will list some tips so you can see how your synthetic wig can look and feel natural.

Selecting the Right Wig

Selecting a good quality wig is usually the first step to having a synthetic wig that looks closer to a human hair wig. If you’re going to go for the cheapest synthetic wig possible, it might be more difficult to achieve a natural look. Try to look out for the following things in your synthetic wig choice:

  • Natural-Looking Fibers: Opt for high-quality synthetic fibers that mimic the texture and shine of natural hair. Look for wigs labeled as 'futuristic' or 'heat-friendly', as they tend to offer a more realistic appearance.
  • Cap Construction: A lace front wig creates a natural-looking hairline, allowing you to style hair away from your face. Monofilament caps offer versatility in parting the hair, enhancing the wig’s natural look.

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Personalize Your Wig

We will cover tips on making your synthetic wig natural but before that, we want to share to you something that often gets overlooked when wearing your wig: making it feel natural to you through personalization. Even if you wear the best wig money can buy, if it doesn’t suit your taste then it will feel out of place on your head. 

You want your wig to look the way you want it to look so you don’t feel uncomfortable about wearing it. 

  • Custom Cut and Style: Consider taking your wig to a professional stylist who can customize the cut to flatter your face shape and match your personal style. A custom trim can eliminate any unnatural bulkiness, making the wig appear as your own hair.
  • Root Touch-Up: Applying a root concealer or eye shadow slightly darker than the wig’s color can create the illusion of natural hair growth at the roots.

How To Style Your Synthetic Wig For A Natural Look

Now we talk about the tips for what you can do to your wig to achieve that natural hair look. 

  • Heat Styling (If Applicable): Heat-friendly synthetic wigs can be gently styled with low heat settings. Soft waves or loose curls can add body and a natural movement to the wig.
  • Avoid Unnatural Shine: Some synthetic wigs have an unnatural shine. A light dusting of baby powder or dry shampoo can mattify the shine, mimicking the texture of natural hair.

Q: When Do I Know If My Hair Blower/Iron Is Too Hot for My Wig?

A: If the wig fibers feel sticky or start to melt, the heat setting is too high. You Can test on a single strand first before doing it on the rest of the wig.

Q: Can I Straighten A Curly Synthetic Wig?

A: Yes, but only if it's a heat-friendly synthetic wig, and you should use a low heat setting.

Q: How Often Should I Powder My Wig?

A: Powder your wig as needed, usually once every few wears or when it begins to look too shiny.

Q: What If I put too much powder on my wig?

A: Brush out the excess gently with a wig brush or blow-dry on a cool setting to remove the surplus powder. 

Synthetic Wig Care

Proper maintenance is vital for keeping your synthetic wig looking natural and extending its lifespan. A damaged wig can look more unnatural because wear and tear can affect its texture, shape, and overall appearance, making it harder to mimic the look of natural hair.

  • Washing: Use a mild, sulfate-free shampoo designed for synthetic wigs. Wash your wig gently every 4-6 wears to remove any buildup and maintain its natural texture. The powder from previous styling will also get washed out during this process. 
  • Storage: Store your wig on a wig stand or mannequin head to preserve its shape and prevent tangles. Avoid leaving under direct sunlight or extreme cold temperatures to prevent distortion of its fibers.

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Common Mistakes to Avoid

Ensure your wig fits snugly but comfortably. An ill-fitting wig can look unnatural and feel insecure. As mentioned above, you want to feel comfortable wearing it because that affects your behavior and the overall natural look you want to achieve. 

Regular maintenance is crucial. Neglect can lead to the wig looking worn out and less like natural hair. It’s easy to gradually think “My wig is okay, it doesn’t look too bad.” until the small damages become too big to fix. 

Wig Wearing Should Feel Good

Choosing and wearing a wig should be a source of joy and confidence. For those navigating the aftermath of chemotherapy and others exploring wig options for varied reasons, know that a synthetic wig can indeed look natural and beautiful. It’s about finding the right wig, personalizing it to your liking, and caring for it with love. Let your wig be a canvas for expressing your unique style and personality, embracing every day with confidence and grace.

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