How To Use Bra Silicone Inserts

There may be those who want to go for a strapless style to go with their outfit; the silicone bra actually does the job exactly for that. However, those looking for that much needed support, the silicone bra just end up lacking. This is where bra silicone inserts become a much-preferred choice to go with an existing bra or swimsuit that you are comfortable with.

Skin Safety First

Before we get all caught up in the excitement to start using silicone inserts for your bras, there are a few considerations that need to be made for your own safety. First of all, you will need to see if you are allergic to silicone. The most professional way to do it is to seek medical advice as they will perform a series of tests where the allergen: silicone, is concentrated in different grades and then applied conservatively on the skin.

While the above is a surefire way to test for an allergic reaction, there can be a simple test done as well to check for your skin’s sensitivity to the material. Place a small amount of silicone on your skin for about 15 minutes. After which, you can check if there is any redness, swelling, bumps, or irritation. If all looks good, then you’re good to go with using the silicone inserts.

Don’t Compromise Quality

This is one of those things you really should not look for cheaper options that do not provide the level of assurance good brands offer. Even in other applications of wearing silicone over the skin, there have been cases of users who report having adverse effects because the silicone use was not safe for human use. Cheaper silicone with questionable sources can be toxic to us. Do your research carefully as reputable brands are always helpful with assuring you the quality and source of their silicone inserts.

Proper Use for Protection

It is also important to note that part of your safety means watching out for how long you are using the insert. Unlike simply just wearing bras, silicone inserts are not meant for long periods of wearing. Even if you are not allergic to the material, after 6 hours of use you will start to notice skin irritation that can develop further into rashes. Because silicone is not porous it does not have a lot of ventilation for your skin which causes irritation.

Avoid wearing lotions or oils as well when you put on the inserts. This might cause the insert to stick to your skin aggressively and the pull from the inserts might cause small stretch marks in the long run.

Keep It Clean After Use

Just like any other insert, you will still need to clean silicone inserts as well. However, it differs on the aspect of how you wash it. Unlike your cloth-like inserts, silicone cannot be machine-washed. To clean your inserts you will need a washcloth, mild soap, and warm water. Run the inserts under the water and then use the cloth soaked with some soap to gently wipe down the silicone. After completely cleaning the surfaces, rinse everything with water.

Drying silicone will take around 30 minutes but you can use a dry towel to pat them down before putting them out air dry.

Safe, Clean, And Comfortable

Compared to other inserts, the silicone version gives the best amount of lift. Just remember that even if it gives you that beautiful lift and cleavage, never put your safety and comfort under second priority just to achieve a look. All the above guidance should help you achieve your desired uplift while ensuring you are on the safe and proper side of using silicone inserts.

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