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Nursing bras have their own category of function compared to other bras in the market. They often have mechanisms that allow for easy access for the baby to breastfeed. Though there are several size options for nursing bras, it has become a challenge for some mothers to find one that fits well for larger than average bust size.

More than just feeling comfortable in a nursing bra, the right fitting is important because a bra that is too tight might lead to mastitis from plugged ducts. Mastitis is the infection of the breast tissue when bacteria enters the breast from feeding. Getting the right fit for your nursing bra will greatly reduce risk of infection. That is why you must not settle for a bra size simply because it is what is available.

Other signs of incorrect fit could be abrasion on the nipples, back strain, under-boob rashes,  breast spillage from the sides of the bra, and digging in of the bra straps into your skin. Most importantly, as a core function of your nursing bra, it should have easy access for feeding. Too tight and even this main function is impeded.

Schedule a Fitting

Breasts during maternity period will vary in size for every individual mother. If you are to find the greatest comfort and fit, especially if you cannot find the right size in any store,  a custom-fitting is practical. Thankfully you can schedule a fitting at your nearest Front Room Underfashions store.

During your fitting all questions regarding material, how it should feel when it is the right size, and even advice on proper use of maternity bras can be answered by a representative.

Before you do visit for a fitting, you can try the fit calculator which can give you an assessment in less than a minute.

When It Feels Right

Let us get a good idea of when you know you have found the right size of nursing bra. First of all, the feeling of wearing the nursing bra should be like having everything secured and in place but not constricting. You know it is not constricting because you can still breathe in and out deeply with the bra adjusting easily. Next you can use your two fingers and slip underneath the band. If it slides in easily without squeezing your fingers too much, then it is the right fit. The bra should also conform nicely over your skin in such a way that it does not leave deep marks after you remove it.

Fit and Function

Getting the right fit is not the only important factor for choosing nursing bras for those with larger breasts. You will also need to consider other aspects such as material, access, absence of an underwire, and padding.

Anyone who has experience with nursing will tell you that simply using an extra large bra not exactly designed for breastfeeding is not the best idea. Nursing bras should have no underwire. Check as well for good padding support, especially the ones where the pads can be removed or replaced because throughout the period of use, leaking can occur.

When you are doing a lot of functional movement especially for rather active moms, you can also consider a nursing sports bra where the material has a good elasticity to maintain a good support while providing enough compliance for mobility. This category of nursing bras are helpful for breasts that are heavier than average because apart from the expanding function, it also has padded straps that help prevent leaving marks on your skin. They also sport thick bands under the bust to help reduce vertical movements. Anticipating sweat, the material for nursing sports bras is mostly breathable fabric that feels comfortable even when doing a lot of movement.

Nursing Bras Specific For Large Breasts

Just remember that buying nursing bras specifically designed for larger breasts are not simply similar to basic nursing bras but with a larger cup. It is often factored in that the bands are designed more for equal weight distribution of the breasts while also allowing for convenient access.

You will also notice that the cups are not just pressing towards each other to push the breasts together as if they are one unit. Each cup is comfortably supported on its own so when it comes to feeding, a simple clip down or slip down of the bra can be achieved without everything feeling like they are coming apart.

Most important is that comfort and function go together for nursing bras. Even if you do find the right size of nursing bras that do not feel constricting, see to it that other aspects of the bra will serve the important purpose of easy access for breastfeeding and management of leakages while wearing it.

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