How To Curl Wigs

Styling your wigs to suit your taste is a very common practice. Though sometimes one may have purchased a straight wig style, curling often gives the wearer a fresh new look on days where one wishes to explore new styles. Thankfully wig-wearers are not limited from modifying their existing wigs to conform to new looks. However, it is important to tread with caution when applying any physical modifications on your wigs so that you will not end up damaging it completely. Just as you would with actual hair, these things must be done properly.

Synthetic Wigs Vs Human Hair Wigs

Some people will tell you that wigs should not be exposed to any heating tools for hair because they will melt. This is not exactly a lie but it is not an absolute truth either. Not all wigs are the same and this could be a whole topic on its own if we cover every single kind of wig based on certain materials used to make them. To keep things simple we will divide the treatment of wigs for curling into two accepted general categories: synthetic and natural human hair wigs.

For synthetic wigs, it is generally advised not to apply high heat to the wig for it will risk damaging it. Synthetics are more sensitive to heat and often will shrink or melt whenever exposed to higher temperatures. That is not to say they cannot be curled. Later we will cover the methods used to curl synthetic wigs.

Natural human hair wigs can handle the heat when curling. However, it is not indestructible and will not grow back so it is vital to know just how much heat is not too much so you can achieve those curls without leaving the wig in an irreparable state.

Set Up The Wig Strands

Before you even begin rolling the hair into rollers or curlers, you will need to prep the strands so that they are clean, free from tangling, and easy to comb through. Wigs tend to tangle if you have not brushed it or combed it properly before curling. This is a cause for concern because if you start curling wigs while they are tangled and in disarray, you will end up breaking the strands. The objective here is to make the strands follow a certain direction so you are bending them collectively when you use the curlers or foam rollers.

Beginning the Curling Process

After you have detangled the hair on your wig, start to divide them into sections depending on how large the curls you want to form. Hold these sections together using clips and spray lightly with cool water from the roots to the ends. The goal is simply to make it a little damp but not dripping wet.

Using the roller or curler, start at the end of the section of hair you wish to curl and roll towards the base but avoiding the roller from hitting the surface of the wig cap. Repeat this process until all the divided sections have been curled. You maye use foam curlers or other curlers to hold the shape if you are opting to use an air blower on very low heat. It helps to work your way from top to bottom so you can get a clearer path for working the curls as you curl away the top section.

If you are using perm rollers and curling mostly towards the end of your wig, you may create more form retention by dipping the curled hair into a mug of hot water (not boiling) for around 15 seconds.

Dry To Retain

Air drying is very important to allow the hair to hold that shape. You want the dampness to go away and after which you can check for the curl’s integrity. If you are using curlers attached to your wig, you can unroll them after air drying for 3 hours or when you notice the wig is dry when touched. Now in a reverse of the process from above, begin from the bottom part of your wig and gently unroll the curlers. If you feel your kind of wig needs help in retaining the shape, wig styling formulas can be sprayed on the curls as you unroll them to help give that integrity.

Different Clips and Rollers for Different Curls

The sizes of your rollers and even the clips you use, can actually determine the size of the curls. Consider choosing what kind of curly hairstyle you want to achieve for your wig and from there you can find out the right kind of rollers or curlers you will need for styling. Foam rollers give those large curls while your perm rollers may give daintier and more curls throughout the wig.

Just remember, curling can be fun for achieving fresh new looks for your wigs but always do it properly with careful consideration on applying heat so you can extend the lifespan of your wig.

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