What Bra To Wear After Breast Augmentation

Finding the right bra to use after breast augmentation surgery is important for the recovery process. Especially right after the surgery, support is a necessity so it means going braless is not an option at least for the next 6 to 8 weeks. Prolonged lack of support will cause an impact on your breasts during that period. 

Breast augmentation bras fit the role of supporting your breasts properly as you continue to heal. Lastly, wearing a breast augmentation bra is not a lifetime requirement. As you progress in your recovery, you can change the bra type that you wear. 

Starting With Medical Compression Bras

Right after surgery you will notice that your breasts may be swollen for some time. Medical compression bras or breast augmentation bras are what you will need to wear during the early stage of recovery. You need to wear a medical compression bra both day and night to aid with the recovery process. 

There are specific characteristics for this bra that you will want to watch out for:

  • No underwires: Comfort is important as well as prevention from unnecessary risks that might get in the way of your recovery.  Underwire bras can put pressure on your incision sites as well as restrict the movement of your breasts.
  • Moisture-wicking and breathable fabric: you would not want your incision sites to be gathering a lot of moisture which might invite infection. A good breathable fabric is good for hygiene and comfort.
  • Front Opening: Unlike the usual bras, you will want to have easy access from the front so you will not have to excessively reach around just to close the bra. Conservative range of motion is important, especially at the first 2 weeks immediately after the surgery. 
  • Proper Sizing and Support: Compression bras do not mean they are to completely squeeze your breasts in place. Though the compression is to provide a certain structure of support, it should be comfortable enough that some movement is still possible without feeling constricted. That means if they come with adjustable straps to help with the right fit.

Do not worry if you need to remove the medical compression bra to take a bath or take a quick break from wearing them but being braless for long periods of time may cause problems in the recovery. Around 2-3 weeks later you can move on to wearing a sports bra instead which may feel even more comfortable than the compression bra. 

Sports Bra for Continued Support

Though as early as 2 weeks it is generally okay to start using sports bras but always ask your surgeon first before making the next move because not all healing durations are equal for breast augmentation patients.

You may wonder why the sports bra is the next step and not a regular bra, because even after those few weeks, changes can still occur in the size of your breast all the way up to 6 months! Sports bras are designed to stretch comfortably during this stage and will neither sag nor constrict your breasts.

It is also important to note that a medical compression bra is not the same as a compression sports bra. The former is designed specifically to help with the recovery process and may actually be more expensive. Your sports bras can be less compliant with vital requirements that the medical compression bras fulfil but can only be used when your surgeon gives the go signal.

Back to Regular Bras

It is exciting to try on those new bras, especially the more sexy ones when you have reached the peak of your recovery. This can once again vary from patient to patient and will range from around 5 to 6 months after surgery. The green light is given by your surgeon before you can start shopping. At least by now, you will no longer be experiencing any significant changes in size of your breasts. 

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