Post-Breast Surgery Fashion: Matching Bras and Dresses

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We have already covered the importance of medical compression bras in the process of healing after your  breast augmentation surgery. However, wearing a medical-grade device is not necessarily going to restrict you from dressing up nicely. Even during your early months of recovery you can already get creative with choosing different clothing pieces that go well with your supportive undergarments. 

Dresses That Flow

Loose and breezy dresses do very well in comfortably fitting over you. You may opt for your popular sundress because they do not restrict movement or overlap the support function of your bra. Because we don’t have the option of having strapless bras as of this stage of your recovery, we work around matching the dress well.  Just make sure that the choice of sundress will nicely cover over your shoulders so that the thick shoulder straps are not conspicuous. This is also why you will want to consider a more relaxed kind of clothing so no fabric pressing on makes the straps bulge out. This is also a general rule when wearing tops over your bra. 

Best thing about Sundresses is that there are just so many ways to elevate its look. A light shawl might be nice; a fancy pair of sunglasses looks great too!

If you are not the type that likes loose dresses, there are other dress styles that you can consider. Just remember that you can go a little tighter from below the bust so you have options like a wrap dress. You can get that sexy figure-hug without constricting your upper torso. 

Lastly, loose dresses are much preferred because your range of motion will not be at its fullest during the early recovery stage. Easy to wear dresses are the best choices. 

Casual Look  for Daily Wear

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Women’s plus size fashion white shirt

Following the function of the dresses mentioned above, you can opt for beautiful pairs of shirts that are loose-fitting. You will want those button down shirts that are easy to put on because we are also considering your day-to-day convenience when dressing up. For the bottoms you can wear skirts or loose pants to also consider ease of putting them on. There really is no strict rule on not wearing pants that are tighter like jeans but you will want to avoid getting in any situation that causes unnecessary movement in your bust area especially since the recovering tissue is still quite delicate. For that reason, skirts, sweatpants, and even loose casual shorts are great options. 

If you want to simplify your top choice for a more direct fashion style decision making, you can get several tops that are around the white spectrum. Matching the light top set you have, you can either go for other bright-colored tops to pair them, or go more smart casual with contrasting dark bottoms. 

Color Balancing and Symmetry

Remember, in pulling off some looks it is not as simple as just matching two colors that look good together. Ultimately you will have to make your own fashion choices based on your preferences but do consider colors that help hide the straps of your compression bras and bring less attention to them. Dark colors do these very well and work well when you want to balance out your overall figure. Wearing black is generally a safe choice but don’t be afraid to try other dark shades like blue or brown.

You will also want to remember that symmetry makes a difference in your final look. Have a look at the mirror to see how your ensemble looks and how it affects your overall shape. Especially if your breast augmentation focused on increasing your breast size you will want bottoms that balance out your figure instead of making your top look significantly larger than your bottom. Remember, when you do wear loose-fitting tops they tend to make your torso look larger than it is, so match well with loose-fitting pants that evens everything out. Having a comfortable belt that holds the center will also make your two-piece combination figure-enhancing. 

Comfort Is Key Even All Down There

More than just a daily necessity, how we dress up is important to how we feel about ourselves. Don’t forget to enjoy the process. Sometimes we may not even realize it but when we feel bad, our dressing decisions also reflect those emotions. When we feel great and have fun, you often end up with the best dress choices. Most importantly, you have to feel good in what you wear. There is no point of looking good but you’re struggling with what you are wearing. In fact, it might not even be helpful for your recovery from breast augmentation. So that goes to the bottom-most part of our dressing decisions: shoes. 

Wear shoes that are comfortable. Again, the rules are not strict with footwear. While you CAN wear heels, you still have to consider how easy it is to wear and sustain throughout the day. I would more likely suggest sneakers with good insoles. Flats are also acceptable if you want to match it with your smart casual look or sundress attire.

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