Wearing Wigs While Working Out

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There might be a common misconception that wearing wigs means you cannot have a more active lifestyle because excess movement will cause your wig to fall off. This is especially shown in media where an individual suddenly has her wig off because of a strong gust of wind or even from a sudden movement that puts it out of place. There are a lot of reasons why this can happen and with modern innovations with wig design, spontaneous falling off of wigs is not considered normal anymore. With that in mind, one might ask if wearing wigs is acceptable when doing strenuous activities or even just basic exercises. A simple and short answer is, yes, you can. 

Wig Cap For Prevention

Before we talk about the wearing of the wig, you will want to layer your scalp with a good quality wig cap that best does the protective function. You will want something that has a quality fabric that effectively acts as a barrier for the wig against sweat, dirt particles, and oils. Make sure that it has a nice elastic hold over your head so that it lessens the possibility of sliding off.

Separate Wig for the Occasion

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Let’s think about what it would be like in a gym or a high-intensity activity. For one thing it is going to be hot. Then we also know that there will be a lot of movement involved. Knowing those two things you will want a wig that is not heavy as well as cool and comfortable. Therefore you will have to acquire a wig specifically for this function. Having a sports or a gym wig will make you less worried about damaging your wig especially if you normally use expensive natural hair wigs. At least if the wig comes in contact with any object (balls, shuttlecocks or even other athletes), it will not be too big of a concern. That is also why you will want to consider price in your choice of gym wigs. Make sure it isn’t very expensive and can be easily replaced should you need a new one after several wears. 

This might also be an opportunity to use your wigs which have seen better days. They can be assigned as your gym wigs. If you are concerned about how disheveled it looks, wear a gym cap over it and you’re ready to work out!

Synthetic Is Lighter

Natural human hair wigs are usually heavier so for exercising, synthetic hair wigs are the preferred wigs for these kinds of activities. They are lighter and are therefore more comfortable. You will also notice that synthetic wigs hold its style and form throughout the day compared to natural hair wigs exposed to harsh conditions. 

Keep It Short

The shorter the wig, the better it holds in place. Longer wigs tend for more tension overall as the weight of the wig flows where the long strands go. The longer the wig, the more weight pull you will experience during the swaying of your wig. Short wigs not only offer better stability but they are also more practical where ventilation is concerned. Longer wigs tend to be hotter but can be remedied by using a hair tie and wearing a ponytail.

Security Is Key

Even with the wig cap and your choice of synthetic wigs, it’s not all about just getting the right hair piece for your head, but mainly properly securing them so there is little to no room for accidental slipping. Check for the wig straps and clips that need to hold the wig properly. No need to tighten it so that it feels like a corset on your head, but should feel tight enough like a cap secured on your head but not easily blown away by a strong gust of wind. 

Speaking of caps, having a cap over your wig also helps securing it in place. It may give you a special outdoorsy or active lifestyle look but it really is helpful in preventing slipping.

You may also accessorize with some bobby pins or clips so those strands that fly around actively during quick movements can be cleanly secured and not get in the way of your activity. This will also prevent unnecessary entanglement of hair strands that are flicking around. For longer wigs, put them in a ponytail to allow more air to flow underneath. This greatly reduces overheating behind your neck.

Wig or No Wig

Ideally it would be best to not wear a wig while working out because unless your wig is firmly secured with an adhesive to your head, the more active you are on the field, the higher the chances of accidental slipping can happen. Having a stretchy headband or a tight gym cap can help but it all goes back to you and how comfortable you feel about wearing wigs while exercising. 

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