Swimwear Suggestions for Rectangle Body Shapes

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Dressing up is not always just about wearing the right matching colors to make yourself look nice and trendy. It is also about deciding the pieces you will put on that go well with your body shape. More importantly, it is also not about the items standing out so that all the focus goes on to them. You will want to find designs that complement your body shape. This holds true as well for swimwear.

Before You Start Shopping: Assess Yourself

For today we are going to discuss specifically swimwear for rectangle shaped bodies.  If you have reached that conclusion because somebody has told you so, perhaps it is best to talk about what fits under the classification of a “rectangle-shaped body.” 

This body shape is actually quite common for those who are athletic. Though considered before as simply a less-curvy body shape, today we can say that it is an athletic shape that has a well-balanced proportion with a similar hip to shoulder measurement. Not necessarily a rigid rectangular shape; this body shape has now become the image of stability and good foundation. 

3 Key Features

With swimwear there is a lot of opportunity to bring out those beautiful details of your body if you know how to choose the right features of your swimming attire. The first one you need to consider is that the swimsuit has to give the illusion of a shorter torso. This makes your legs stand out and will actually widen your torso visually. You will want to avoid swimwear with horizontal line patterns and trade them for vertical lines. In line with the vertical lines (no pun intended), your second consideration is visually bringing out shapes and curves of your torso. Your third consideration is a swimsuit that nicely brings out your waistline. This is where color can play its role in providing contrast along your waistline.

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Bringing Out More Curves

If your focus is to really emphasize more curves in your torso then let’s look at some swimsuit designs that can help with that. A V-neckline swimsuit creates a direction of lines that somehow dictates your shape. It is also a sexy way of bringing out the best of your bust area. 

Belted swimsuits follow the third consideration of emphasizing your waist. Some swimsuits have a nice fabric belt, possibly following the pattern of the swimsuit, or even a contrasting thin belt that comfortably wraps around your waist. This is great for bringing out that hourglass shape around your swimsuit. 

Don’t be afraid to venture a little with some interesting or bold patterns (so long as you don’t do ones that draw horizontal lines over your swimsuit). These patterns and shapes can actually help bring out a more dynamic look over your body shape. 

If you’re feeling confident about showing more skin, try wearing some cut-out swimsuits that are specially designed to bring more v-shapes and curves on the side of your body. 

Loose or ruffle top swimsuits with a wrapping bottom, are also helpful in bringing out contrasting sizes that will prevent the singular rectangle shape. This one is particularly useful for those who are not too keen on showing a lot of skin on their torso area especially if they are wearing supportive bras after breast surgery. 

Can I Wear A Two-Piece?

General answer? Yes! 

The whole idea is to make sure your two-piece swimsuit does not highlight the similar length of your shoulder and hip. Try to get pieces that go against the parallel points of your shoulders to hips. Contrasting colors help, v-line bikinis are great too.

Posture and Confidence

Anyone can choose a beautiful set of swimwear but for it to really bring out the best in you, you need to wear them with confidence. So don’t forget to choose outfits that you know you feel comfortable in so that when you wear them, your posture is not compromised and your body shape is best complemented both with style and confidence. 

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