Understanding East-West Breasts: Common Questions Answered

Every woman has looked at the mirror and made observations about their body appearance. Beyond just assessing one’s looks it is also helpful for one’s health. One thing women can be conscious about is the size or shape of her breasts. If you happen to observe a shape where the breast shape has the nipples pointing away from the center, then this FAQ will help you understand the East-West breast shape. 

What Are East-West Breasts?

This is a name given to breast shapes where the nipples are pointing outward in opposite directions instead of the usual facing forward.

Is This a Common Breast Shape? 

This may not be as common as what media projects but it’s actually more common than you think. You might know women who have this shape but it is not made obvious due to the bras worn which push the direction of the breast inward.

Is there a medical reason for having east-west breasts?

Typically, it’s just a natural variation in breast shape. There isn’t usually a medical “cause,” just like there isn’t a medical reason for other variations in breast shape. This is possibly genetic but there are no medical factors that directly influence the shape.

What Do East-West Breasts Look Like Later On?

It is expected that the breasts will undergo change towards the later part of a woman’s life. However, it is not definitive what direction your breasts will face as those changes happen. For Some women the splay can actually reduce as breast mass reduces. For other women it can extend more if the skin has a more predominant direction outwards. 

How Helpful Are Bras for East-West Breasts?

Push-up and side support bras are often used to direct the breast tissue in a certain form. These kinds of bras aim to increase the cleavage so the support direction goes inwards. Some inserts can also help in getting that inward direction. Just make sure the bra shape goes with your fit. 

Is Breastfeeding more difficult with East-West Breasts?

No. Breast-feeding is not going to be impacted by the outward direction of the nipples. 

Does Exercise Change the Shape of East-West Breasts?

Exercise for chest muscle growth can in fact change breast shapes slightly but it cannot change the overall breast shape significantly. This means weight-loss is also not a solution for the change in orientation.

Can Surgery Change the Orientation?

Yes it can. Breast surgeries that influence the physical location of the breast tissue can reorient the breast direction. 

What Swimwear Would be Good for Me?

Swimsuits with molded cups, underwire, or side-support can help in achieving a more centered look. Trying on various styles and seeing which gives the desired look and comfort is key.


East-west breasts are not abnormal and are in no way considered unnatural as a shape. Having this breast shape does not affect your physiological functions and will also not make you at risk for any potential disease or illness. When it comes to society and attractiveness, history will tell you that beauty comes in several standards that need not be exclusively conformed by one group of people. There are individuals who find East-West breasts attractive. Therefore, while it is okay to make that decision to get a surgical change for your breasts, it is also okay to embrace your existing breast shape.

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