Breast Wellness: 5 Mistakes to Steer Clear Of

Breasts are a significant part of a woman’s body apart from it being a focus of attention in terms of physical attraction from other individuals, it also plays a vital role in maternal functions. Throughout society there have been several standards of beauty that can greatly vary. Because of these standards of beauty, women have been pressured by societal pressure to conform their physical appearance in a particular way. Breasts are among the body parts that fall under that need for conformity. Today, more education has led to the right path of body positivity as a countermeasure against body dysmorphia. However, if at some point you thought of doing to your breasts that might not be a direct recommendation of a medical professional then consider the list below. We will also cover what other things to avoid to sustain your breast wellness. 

Wearing Extremely Tight Bras

This is especially common among those who want to achieve a fuller look for their breasts. “Bigger is better” has been a long-standing standard set by men for breasts. However, you will come to realize that different people have different preferences and essentially you do not need to look a certain way just to please men. You need to be happy with your own body and not according to how others define beauty. Now, back to the bras. We already covered how to know if your bras don’t fit right and it’s very clear that once you start to feel pain and discomfort you’re definitely wearing a bra that is too tight. Sure you could get the size that gives better lift of your breasts but don’t choose the size that constricts you. Aside from the pain from your breasts and nipples, you might even experience the straps digging into your shoulder. Don’t believe the saying “one must suffer to be beautiful”. Don’t sacrifice your health simply to look a certain way. 

Don’t Tape Your Breasts!

Your skin is a sensitive organ and the last thing you will want to do is to apply strong adhesives on it. That means putting duct tape on your breast to achieve whatever shape you want, is NOT a good idea! Aside from the sticky material being difficult to remove, you will also be at risk of having a reaction to the substance. Some people are particularly reactive to adhesives. You can even have an outbreak in that area. 

Prevent the Piercing

Now I get it, to some this may seem sexy and attractive. But if wellness and health is your main focus, you will want to avoid anything that increases your risk of infection in your mammary glands. Your breast tissue is a very opportunistic environment for bacterial growth when it is exposed. Abscess can occur and this can be quite painful. Especially if you’re planning to do breastfeeding later on, you do not want to compromise the structure of your nipples, particularly the milk ducts. 

Cut Down On The Alcohol

We’ve established before that high alcohol consumption increases risk of breast cancer. An occasional glass of wine is fine but if you’re a regular drinker of alcoholic beverages, you have to be aware of the risks involved. Daily drinking could increase your risk up to 20%! Now again, there’s no guarantees with alcohol abstinence and breast cancer risk eradication. There are still other factors that can increase your risk, the goal here is to be on the preventive side so you are not increasing your chances of getting breast cancer especially if there’s history of it occurring in your family. 

Avoid Hair Removal

It’s very tempting to maintain a smooth breast with no evidence of hair on it. You might think that waxing those hairs or pulling them with a tweezer is not a big deal. However, if you do it incorrectly you may run the risk of getting an ingrown hair and causing inflammation in that area. You will then experience some increase of size in the nodules because of that inflammation. Especially at your nipples, you will want to avoid pulling hair there. Your nipples are very sensitive and if you can imagine that part of the pain from inflammation, you will definitely feel that discomfort. Opt instead for laser hair removal as an option if you must choose to remove hair at your breasts.

Embrace Your Uniquely Beautiful Body

All those 5 things you shouldn’t do, lay on top of a very important foundation of self-love and appreciation. When you appreciate your body you know very well to take care of it and avoid anything that leads to its destruction or malformation. When you look at yourself with kinder eyes, you will stop thinking about what needs to be “fixed” and instead focus on sustaining a healthy lifestyle that lets you enjoy your body for as long as you physically can. 

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