Should I Use Bra Extenders or Buy New Bras?

There comes a time when your usual set of bras start to feel rather tight and you might think that adding extenders can solve that tightness problem. However, if you don’t want to end up ruining your perfectly good pairs of bras in the long run, it is best that you read on about bra extenders and when they are best used. Bra extenders are temporary solutions that are not meant to permanently act as size modifiers for your bra. 

What Are Bra Extenders?

Bra extenders are simple devices that attach to the clasp of your bra, providing a few extra inches to the band’s length. They come in various widths, accommodating bras with one to multiple hooks, and are available in different colors to match most bras. There is even an option for a bra extender that also acts as a low-back converter that allows you to wear tops or dresses that are backless.  Some bra extenders have a fixed length and adjustments are made through the hook placements. Other extenders come with an elastic part that stretches the extender to accommodate more adjustment especially for those who prefer more mobility with their bras. 

Bra Extender Advantages

Our body changes constantly and sometimes there are just pieces of clothing we particularly like that we don’t want to give up just because of those changes. With a woman’s breast, sometimes these changes are temporary and can actually be worked on. For example, some weight gain can cause the bra to be tighter than usual but that weight may only be temporary and you know you’re on the right track of getting back to your original weight. This is where a bra extender can be of help. 

Let’s look into bra extenders and where else they can be found useful as temporary solutions for bra size supplementation:

  • Adjustability: Pregnancy and weight gain are among the major reasons for significant changes in breast size. Knowing that these are temporary, it would be a waste to simply replace completely all the good-fitting bras you already have. Especially if you have custom-fitted bras, it would be wise to hold on to them and use extenders to adjust them accordingly until you regain your original breast size.
  • Versatility Across Bras: No matter what brand or design of bra you are using, bra extenders were built with the versatility to handle most kinds of bras so you don’t have to end up having to custom-fit an extender for your bra. Only a very proprietary kind of bra design would not work for these extenders. Same goes for bras that do not have bands that clasp and unclasp.
  • Temporary Extension till Your New Pair: There are cases where even if you are really in need of getting new bras, it would make sense to use extenders. If you are not immediately ready to get a new pair or are probably waiting on a design/style that you really want, the extenders can provide that temporary adjustment. 
  • Post-Surgical Relief: After surgeries like breast augmentations or reductions, the resulting swelling can make wearing a regular bra uncomfortable. An extender can offer relief before things go back to normal and the default bra size fits you again.

Bra Extender Considerations

We have enumerated above the situations where extenders are useful, but why exactly are they not encouraged for permanent fixes for size problems in bras?

Remember, in measuring your bra size the band is not the only measurement you take. You also have to consider cup size or strap length. The extender does not resolve those concerns. And if you find your cup size significantly larger (because every woman’s breast size change can greatly vary) than your current bra, then you will definitely need another bra that  will hold your breasts in place and prevent issues like spillage. 

Just like bras, extenders are not all equal. Some are better than others. You will want to find extenders that have a comfortable material so the edges do not dig in or irritate your skin. Even if they are small accessories, good quality material can go a long way for your comfort. 

Matching the color of your bra is also important. Even if they are underneath a nice top, it is possible if the color is contrasting (white bra, black extender), this little accessory would be conspicuous underneath a light top. 

Even with extenders there is also a limit to how much extension can be done. Do not overdo your extension to the point where the bra no longer works to support your back. There is still a right fit for a bra to do its job.

Bra Extenders Are Good But with Reservations
It would be good to keep a few bra extenders on hand for emergency situations where they may be needed. However, do not use them as permanent solutions because the bra fit might need reconsideration and you cannot simply fix it with just a band adjustment. More importantly, if you like the bra you are using, bra extenders can ruin the existing band on your bra by stretching it improperly over a long period of time.

While economic considerations are made when choosing bra extenders, always remember your health, comfort and aesthetic preference is what ultimately will help you decide whether or not you proceed with extenders or buy a whole new set of bras that fit you well.

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