Should I Get A Personal Bra-Fitting or Do It Myself?

Once you have learned that optimal comfort and fit actually exists beyond choosing any bra that just feels “okay” then you might wonder where to begin with fitting. In this day and age of information it would feel convenient to simply do it yourself by checking out measuring tools online for your bra fitting. This article will help you understand to what extent these DIY tools help you and what is significantly different when you do get a personal fitting. 

Why People Choose DIY Measurements for Bra Size

If you happen to be the more introverted kind of person then it is understandable that you will prefer lesser interaction with strangers and that’s okay. In the comforts of your own space you will have that privacy and convenience to measure up yourself and use the online calculators that will help you determine your size. Visual guides with bra measurement tables can also help you in the process of getting all those numbers properly jotted down. 

There’s also the strength of the online community when you are doing online sizing and shopping for bras. You can compare notes with other individuals who have made their own purchases and they can give you personal experiences such as buying one size bigger or smaller depending on where you are buying from.

Important to note that it is helpful to use the online calculator of the site you are buying from so that you are sure the measurements of the bra follow the standards of the shop you are buying from. Although it is not drastically different in sizing from most shops, it would still be helpful for uniformity.

The only challenge with online tools for fitting is that there is no guarantee it is the perfect fit due to accuracy of readings. You could be off just by a few centimeters or probably reading the measurements from the wrong angle. A good full-body mirror with side-angles can help but not everyone has specialized mirrors and will often have to deal with what they have. 

Is Personal Bra-Fitting Better?

Overall as a choice it is indeed significantly better. The only disadvantage you might have in a personal fitting over a DIY fitting is the possibly awkward moment where you have another individual measuring you up. Thankfully professional establishments, ESPECIALLY those that are specifically focused on women’s undergarments, are more experienced in handling the process in a way that it is comfortable for you. That being said you can expect a different experience from a bra fitting in a general department store as opposed to a specialized bra shop.

You should also know that you can get a free custom bra fitting if you schedule ahead. Having professional fitters ask you the right questions and work around your unique body shape will definitely get you that optimal comfort you deserve despite wearing your bra for long periods of time. They will even ask you questions about your current body state such as pregnancy, puberty, or anything that might involve significant changes in your breast size so you can be properly guided as to what bras you need to buy.

So I Shouldn’t Do DIY?

There’s no rule as to what you should or shouldn’t do. Simply put, each choice has an advantage even if personal fitting is definitely better. Especially if you have breast sizes that are not similar to bras that are commercially available in the malls, then go for a personal fitting. But if you are left with no choice or access to a specialty shop that provides the personal fitting experience, then a self-fitting with online tools will have to do.

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