Teardrop vs. Round Breast Implants: A Comprehensive Guide

Individual preferences have led to the creation of choices for breast augmentation. There are several anatomical considerations and among these is the choice between a teardrop-shaped breast implant versus a round one. These are the two types of implant shapes available and depending on how you want your breasts to look at the end of the procedure, you will want to carefully understand the differences between the two. 

The Two Major Implant Shapes

Teardrop implants are often called anatomical implants because they try to follow the natural shape of the breast anatomy; they have a fuller bottom area with a narrow upper part which gives this sloping form that mimics the natural curves of the breast. Another key difference is that the teardrop implant is more rigid than the round implant so it is less likely to move around and cause any rippling or undesirable shapes after the procedure. The rigidity is due to the composition of this type of implant. Teardrop implants are usually made of a silicone shell with a silicone gel inside. Sometimes this shell can also be filled with saline solution. Compared to round implants, the gel used in filling is usually firmer.

While this implant is more likely to give you a natural look, it is not easy to fit it into the breast. The teardrop shape needs to properly fit in the breast pocket so the proportionality and shape are achieved to appear natural. This would also mean that it requires more specialized customization of implants to provide the right fit and are more expensive than round implants. 

Round implants are true to its name, round-shaped and can be filled with either saline or silicone. If you have seen a scene in a film where a doctor is showing implants that look round and filled with some liquid,  they are usually showing round implants. Round implants are quite popular because of the following reasons:

  • They are typically less expensive than the teardrop implant
  • The procedure is simpler
  • It gives a more fuller look.
  • Lesser chance of rotation and causing breast asymmetry

Because of that fuller look, round implants are the preferred choice for women who want to achieve a more conspicuous appearance. Interestingly, because of the weight of the round implants, a teardrop shape can also be achieved by gravity. However, the round shape of the implants become more conspicuous when the patient is lying on her back. The round shape will evenly spread out and it is visually obvious. Though teardrop implants have a natural shape from a static perspective, round implants have more natural movement due to the lesser rigidity. 

Lifestyle Choice

Post-surgery you might be wondering, which of these two implants will fit your current lifestyle. If you don’t engage too much with high-impact activities, the teardrop implant is fine. However, high intensity activities that require a wide range of motion might cause the teardrop implant to shift in an incorrect way that makes the breast shape unnatural. Round implants do better for people with more athletic tendencies. If a natural look is what you want to achieve, don’t worry because there are several options of round implants that do not necessarily have to look like you have exponentially increased your breast size. 

Even with those factors of lifestyle mentioned above, the placement of both types of implants can still be affected when applied with blunt force or trauma so caution should be taken at all times.

Post-Surgery Wear

Once you have already considered going through the procedure, it would be best to prepare the bras for after breast augmentation. This way you can better facilitate the recovery process and achieve that desired breast shape. What happens during recovery goes a long way in developing that beautiful and natural look overall. 

Which One Is Best For Me?

Initially you would want your choice to be dependent on your visual preference. However as you ask more questions of how you live with these implants, you start to consider decisions surrounding your lifestyle. But even before you go on and have a procedure done, it is important to get a consultation with a board-certified breast surgeon who can run you through all the risks involved, and even what goes best with your body type. Your surgeon will also inform you about the longevity of the implants as well as replacement options in the future. Just remember that your choice needs to be guided by a professional because this is more than just a surface or cosmetic change. There are important considerations that involve your internal anatomies and this must be done with careful thought. 

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